Marquitta Dashae’ (Johnson), is a wife and boy mom of three, she is originally from Chicago, IL and hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Healthcare Administration and Management. She has mastered the skills in leadership, teamwork and organization unique to different fields and brings them to bear in her entrepreneurial career to serve clients. Established in 2014, she is also the Founder/Owner of House of Divahs Boutique, a business dedicated to encouraging women to show up in style, by providing curated style for the millennial divas on the go. Her achievements in the fashion industry have made her a pacesetter with amazing contributions in both the fashion and business industry. As business and boutique expert Marquitta launched her boutique in 2014. Leveraging the wisdom of her self-made experience and expertise, She has seen her business earned to the tune of over six figures. With deep market knowledge, which coupled with an analytical, detail-oriented approach, she is equipped to understand the needs of her clients, delivering an experience rooted in customer service, integrity and the essentials of building a solid e-commerce framework.

Marquitta is a true visionary, motivated by the desire to become a global expert in her field, She has most recently expanded her business portfolio also making her the CEO of both Mommies Making Millions and House of DivahsBoutique LLC, while also authoring the best seller “Secrets from A House of Divahs”. With the birth of her third son, Marquitta quickly self identified the true calling, to create a community for aspiring or current mom-preneurs globally to birth grow and profit from their brands. Leveraging the wisdom of her knowledge and experience, Marquitta simply used her resources to configure a coaching program, The Six Figure Boutique Start Up program and Boutique Bootcamp, to lead and inspire aspiring as well as existing boutique owners on how to achieve six plus figures within their first year in business and has now transitioned into the market of general Business Consulting for mother’s who not only have physically birthed a child but too spiritually pregnant with the vision of a millionaire success. When she takes on a task, Marquitta is always purpose driven and allows her faith and style to show up for what is next to come!
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